Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome to this blog which is dedicated to all the sexy girls and women, especially Sangavi. Here you will find photos of actresses, models, and any girls who pose sexy. Watch out for updated photos of all the sexy girls of the cine industry. Did you know that Sangavi is the only sexy actress who has no controversy? Surely you should respect her! Good and beautiful, very sexy but bold, silent and gorgeous, and she is the only actress who has finished her acting career silently and beautifully at a correct age and at a time when actresses are ready to show off their body even if they are 40 years of age!! She deserves a respect of her own and she still remains in the hearts of teenage girls and boys. Though she is not ready to act as the way she used to, she is still respected as the sexiest actress of the 1990's and who can forget her after her first movie, AMARAVATHI. Little did she realize that she would be capturing the hearts of a whole generation of teenagers who would finally respect her, and that is what an actress needs....Though she was a very sexy girl, she is not the porn stuff , (if that is what you expect of her) She was a girl and now she is a woman who needs respect, irrespective of her sexual personality. Beautiful girls grow old some day, and don't forget that they will not be as sexy as they were when they were young, but they will be more intelligent and be a mother of another generation of sexy boys and girls! So the cycle continues, so think boys, think ,,,,,are girls really a symbol of sex? Sex is just a minute of pleasure for a male , but even if it is a pleasure for the girl, it is a real burden for her even if she dose'nt know it at the moment when she seems to enjoy. The future is terrible, because it brings burdens we never expect, and danger too. LOVE can give life ....and can take it away too..
You may have read the real life stories of murders for love?They get killed just for loving and making love to another's girl..Hundreds of stories there are, and the culprit is nothing but the four letter word called, L.O.V.E. and it is not the fault of the girl or the boy involved, but their hearts which have produced this thing called ROMANCE , which has lead them to love one another just for the pleasure they just can't resist......LOVE. And the next thing that comes is SEX, just because they looked sexy, and the first thing that comes into the minds of hot lovers is,,,,SEX. But what the hell happens after sex??? The boy gets the unforgettable pleasure and the poor girl is unaware of the thing she has done! It is a shame that girls are exposed to controversy and all sorts of unwanted publicity. But remember dears, that once a boy has sex , it means nothing, or it may mean a big accomplishment, but for a girl, it is a total loss, without her knowledge! Girls, whether beautiful or ugly, are not sex symbols and even if they love sex, boys should atleast think twice before ever trying to have sex with them, because, as already told , the pleasure is short lived, but the effect is a nightmare! So beware!
As you browse this website, you will see many photos of sexy girls and actresses, but even as you feast your prying eyes on them, think of their lives and their hardships and for all the difficulties they had when posing for just a mere photo. Sexy you may think but behind their smiles is something mysterious and something we cannot digest, they too have a heart , and never forget that they are well paid for just posing half naked. Again a new culprit called MONEY, is involved, and life is never complete without money ,irrespective of the sexes. It is time when even men pose naked, just for money! But there is a life and feelings of the person involved, and whether his or her family respect him or not, they and the audience watching them don't seem to care a wee bit, because a devil called MONEY is tempting them! And dear friends, remember that, every girl or boy is born innocent with no knowledge of what is happening , and it is LIFE that turns them good, bad, cruel, tough, charming, sexy and above all, loving. So any girl can fall for a charming boy, and any boy can fall in love with a charming girl, but the only thing that makes them come close to each other is SEX, and once involved , their world comes to an end, not then, but later. And it is terrific to think of , because it would have been better had they been married!!
Well boys, think twice before you make love, because that love, could take your happiness, respect, friendship and above all
Respect love....
Respect sex....
Respect friendship.....above all..
Respect girls, because they could be dangerous!

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